✅ FOR SALE – 2022 Honda®️ Pilot Special Edition AWD – Stealth Camper Conversion – Crystal Black Pearl – Cherry Hardwood – Tiffany Green/Powder Blue – MSRP $92,000.00 USD

See the stars or the city lights in this beautiful new Honda®️ powered Camper Conversion…

The 2022 Honda Pilot shares technology with, and rides on the same platform as Acura’s MDX. Honda’s Pilot has more interior space, a larger body, and a lower price point than the MDX. These are well built, reliable, performance oriented vehicles. They’re fast, they get respect on the street, but remain low-key… perfect for looking good while also blending in. Sometimes pulling up in a 6-figure Mercedes, Porsche, or a large RV can rub people the wrong way, or bring too much attention. This stealthy camper slips by unnoticed.

If this car had a dog personality it would be like a trusty Black Lab… reliable, mild-tempered, friendly with everyone… and hard to see at night!

This particular SUV has been lightened, and had the center of gravity lowered. Horsepower numbers fade when power to weight ratio changes. Handling characteristics improve when we lower the center of gravity. This SUV is balanced beautifully and sends 6-cylinder power to all 4 wheels through fully independent suspension. Honda’s largest and most powerful street vehicle in the fleet… it’s fast enough to blow the doors off a lot of day-to-day cars, and it will keep up with anything on the street. It’s a fast, well-dialed daily driver.

  • EV11 Automotive Model #H1
  • 2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition AWD
  • Stealth Camper Conversion – Flat Hardwood – Modular
  • “EV11” Black Badging
  • Black on Black
  • Blacked out grille and bumpers
  • 20” Gloss Black Wheels – (the most attractive SUV wheel pattern Honda has ever released IMO)
  • Factory Heated Black Leather, power adjustable
    • Custom Colors/Stitching *Available
    • Full Upholstery match *Available
  • Black WeatherTech HP Floorliners
  • Factory upgraded Audio with Subwoofer
  • Factory Front Moonroof
  • Cherry Hardwood Floor
    • Custom lowered floor
    • In-floor forced air heating and cooling
      • Fits full-size memory foam mattress. (75”x54”) Seats (2). Sleeps (2).
      • Fold-flat bench seat that converts to a bed. Seats (5). Sleeps (2). *Available
  • Hand Riveted Modular Metal Headliner – Brass – White Aluminum – Tiffany Green – Powder Blue
  • Handmade Hardwood Trim
  • Boogey Lights LED Lighting (smartphone app)
  • Rear windshield wiper delete
  • Orb Weaver Overhead Storage
    • Elastic net
    • Carabiner attachments
    • Threaded standard attachments
    • Soft luggage compatible
  • Thermal, Acoustic, Fire Retardant Insulation
  • Exterior Hot Shower
  • Interior Surfboard Storage (custom hanger)
  • Exterior Surfboard Storage (factory crossbars installed)
  • 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 with i-VTEC (conservatively rated 285hp)
    • All wheel drive handles great and goes anywhere
    • Push button transmission with paddle shift and econ/snow/mud/sand/sport modes
    • 100,000 mile powertrain warranty
    • 6 years/60,000 miles pre-paid free oil changes/maintenance

Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸
MSRP $92,000.00 USD

Headliner, seatbelts, lights, and rear seats removed to clean up the look, increase usability, maximize space, and minimize weight…

By removing the rear seats the sub-floor is lowered 8”. A new, lowered, flat hardwood floor is fabricated and allows for the fitment of a full-size memory foam mattress to support a good night’s sleep! With the mattress removed, the new hardwood floor allows full ceiling-to-floor cargo space that is greatly improved over a stock vehicle. Heating and cooling ductwork is integrated into the floor.

The wall mounted seat belts, interior cloth headliner, lights, grab handles, and in-ceiling seatbelts have been removed. A new headliner is fabricated from aluminum and riveted in place over a layer of thermal/acoustic/fire retardant insulation. The result is a better looking headliner, with built-in attachment points for carabiners, Boogey Lights™️ full color spectrum LED lighting, better insulation performance in hot/cold weather… and you end up with a headliner that is easier to clean and polish, won’t retain odors or stains, and is built to stand up to the rigors of heavy-duty camping and outdoor use.

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