✅ AVAILABLE – 2022 Honda®️ Pilot Special Edition AWD – Stealth Camper Conversion – Crystal Black Pearl – Black on Black – White Aluminum – MSRP $92,000.00 USD – In-House Financing Guaranteed

See the stars or the city lights in this beautiful new Honda®️ powered Camper Conversion…

  • EV11 Automotive Model #H1
  • 2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition AWD
  • Stealth Camper Conversion
  • “EV11” Black Badging
  • Black on Black
  • Blacked out grille and bumpers
  • 20” Gloss Black Wheels
  • Heated Black Leather, power adjustable
    • Custom Colors/Stitching Available
  • Black WeatherTech HP Floorliners
  • Factory upgraded Audio with Subwoofer
  • Factory Front Moonroof
  • Custom Rear Moonroof with fully removable 92% solar glass
  • Hand Riveted White Aluminum Headliner with carabiner attachment points
  • Thermal, Acoustic, Fire Retardant Insulation
  • Lucid plush 8” gel memory foam mattress (Full Size – 54”x75”x10”)
  • Hardwood Floor
  • Gunstock Walnut Hardwood Trim
  • Boogey Lights LED Lighting (smartphone app)
  • Exterior Hot Shower
  • Interior Surfboard Storage (custom hanger)
  • Exterior Surfboard Storage (factory crossbars installed)
  • Multi-Configurable with 4 Floorplans:
    1. Flat, lowered Hardwood floor with in-floor heating/cooling
    2. (#1 Hardwood Floor) – PLUS – Lucid Plush 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    3. Seating for (5) with 2nd row deleted/flat hardwood and 3rd row factory seating
    4. Factory Seating configuration for (8) with factory floor and 2nd and 3rd row factory seating
  • 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 with i-VTEC (285hp)
    • All wheel drive goes anywhere
    • Push button transmission with paddle shift and econ/snow/mud/sand/sport modes
    • 100,000 mile powertrain warranty
    • 6 years/60,000 miles pre-paid free oil changes/maintenance

Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸
MSRP $92,000.00 USD

Headliner, seatbelts, lights, and rear seats removed to clean up the look, increase usability, maximize space, and minimize weight…

By removing the rear seats the sub-floor is lowered 8”. A new, lowered, flat hardwood floor is fabricated and allows for the fitment of a full-size memory foam mattress to support a good night’s sleep! With the mattress removed, the new hardwood floor allows full ceiling-to-floor cargo space that is greatly improved over a stock vehicle.

The wall mounted seat belts, interior cloth headliner, lights, grab handles, and in-ceiling seatbelts have been removed. A new headliner is fabricated from aluminum and riveted in place over a layer of thermal/acoustic/fire retardant insulation. The result is a better looking headliner, with built-in attachment points for carabiners, Boogey Lights™️ full color spectrum LED lighting, better insulation performance in hot/cold weather… and you end up with a headliner that is easier to clean and polish, won’t retain odors or stains, and is built to stand up to the rigors of heavy-duty camping and outdoor use.

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