Community, Social, & Civil Action

(2019-Present) California coastal areas plastic cleanup 🇺🇸

(2003-Present) Support the Leave No Trace Organization 🇺🇸

(2006-Present) Support the Surfrider Foundation 🇺🇸

(2021-Present) Support the Anti-Defamation League 🇺🇸

(2021-Present) Support the ACLU 🇺🇸

(2015-Present) Support Autism Speaks 🇺🇸

(1999) Member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 🇺🇸

(2014) 🇺🇸🇲🇽 “Free Tahmooressi” motorcycle ride to the Mexican border with ”New York Mike” (San Diego Harley-Davidson). We helped raise awareness that ultimately led to the release of a US Marine, who was imprisoned in Tijuana, Mexico on weapons charges. He was an active duty combat vet suffering from PTSD.

(2016-Present) Free consulting for homeless/disabled people considering vehicle habitation vs. renting. 🇺🇸

(2002) Donated labor to Habitat for Humanity as an apprentice electrician. 🇺🇸

(2022) Charitable donation to the Montana Youth Sports Association 🇺🇸

(2004) Charitable donation to the Gallatin County (Montana) Open Lands Board 🇺🇸

(2003) Charitable donation to support Montana Trout Unlimited 🇺🇸