It’s always been my intent, to incorporate firearms and the needs of firearm carrying people into the vehicles I build. I can design and build you a vehicle with any specific weapons considerations you may have. Talk to me about a one-of-a-kind custom gunsafe installation.

I’ve owned and carried firearms my whole life. My uncle, a United States Marine, taught me how to shoot a .22 rifle and a Colt 1911 pistol when I was 10. I concealed carried a Springfield XD40 as a 21 year old college student in downtown Minneapolis. I have studied and operated numerous firearms over the last 30 years… from 12 gauge Remington 870’s, to Glock 21’s, .308 scoped rifles, (7.62mm) M1A’s and AR pattern, .22’s, .357, .44’s, .17’s to .45-70’s, (5.56mm) AR15’s, Tavor’s, AK47’s and everything in between.

I sold all my guns 3 years before they made me a Felon. Honestly was over it anyways. I have other hobbies like weightlifting, surfing, and cycling to keep me busy. I got to a point where spiritually, I don’t ever want to take anyone’s life, for any reason. But, I still support your right to self-defense. I always kept enough stuff around to arm a few friends if necessary – but eventually decided y’all can defend yourselves! Got weary of our Government, I was pretty active on some firearms tech boards. The FBI intentionally blocked some purchases after 2015 via NICS, we talked on the phone, and it wasn’t a nice conversation. Long-term I was worried about any potential prosecution if I was ever involved in a self-defense shooting or any situation the Government could twist into a crime.