EV11 Automotive Design, Fabrication, & Sales 🇺🇸

Echo Valentine Eleven
“California King 👑 Camper”™️
“Fastest 🐇 Camper in the West”™️

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  1. I offer personalized 1 on 1 service to locate, customize, and deliver vehicles to customers in the Western 11 United States.
  2. I stock clean California inventory for sale.
  3. I design, build, and sell aftermarket concept vehicles.
  4. We can do a re-design of a vehicle you already own.
  5. I accept trades and offer in-house financing (100% approval rate)
  6. Professional Driver – Chauffeur – Flat Rate VIP Services

I specialize in my own brand of hard surface camper conversions that are described as – clean – functional – minimal – modern/retro – artistic – psychedelic. Patina stained copper, brass, bronze, steel, and aluminum modular riveted metal interiors; custom glass; custom seating; and old-school hardwood flooring. My style is unique and self taught. I use light-reactive patina finishes on my interiors blended from Japanese Brown, Gun Blue, Rainbow, Copper, Tiffany Green, and Powder Blue. Most of my vehicles are extremely subtle on the exterior, with heavy interior modifications. True “sleepers”. Lightened, hand-tuned, and hand waxed.

I’ve delivered cross-country truckloads for the US Military, and motorcycles to both active duty and ex-Military service members. I’ve designed, built, and delivered custom vehicles for software executives, forest service employees, and even a famous music producer/artist. I focus on marketing that supports other Southern California small businesses… like surfboard shaper Bill Stewart, motorcycle and off-road welding shop Joe Hauler, industry manufacturer Aluminess, and professional models. I aim to deliver any vehicle you want, prepared any way you want, anywhere in the world. If your request is outside my scope, please let me refer you to the best person for your needs.

Thank you for looking 👀