Ev11 Automotive Design, Fabrication & Sales 🇺🇸

home of the 👑California King Camper™️

🏆 We build the fastest, best handling, lightest, and most fuel efficient Class B RV produced in the entire world! 6 years running! (2016-2022)

Ev11 Automotive builds complete custom van, truck, or bus conversions. We usually have pre-built display models for sale. Occasionally, we may offer a well-tuned car, motorcycle, clothing, or other fine items for sale. Our primary area of operations is the West Coast and the Western 11 United States.

Where do we fit in the marketplace? I build minimalist, lightweight, fuel-conscious, high-performance designs, that drive and handle better than the competition. Their RV is rattling down the road holding up traffic. My RV is passing you at 80mph going up a 7% mountain grade. I use high-end materials and finishes that are blended into clean lines and tasteful colorways. Custom glass & ventilation, patina stained custom metalwork, riveted paneling, burl or granite countertops, hardwood flooring, walnut trim, and the industry’s largest 6061 aluminum California King bed platforms. “Heavy-duty working vehicles, designed to run hard miles, with zero service failures… and look good doing it!”

Services Offered

  • Van, Truck, or Bus Conversion
    • Display Models (Pre-Built)
      • Immediate delivery if available
    • Buyer Designed (Custom)
      • $25,000.00 deposit
      • 12-month standard lead time
  • Rare, Foreign, Exotic Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Trade
  • Broker
  • Transport
  • Free Personal Delivery

I am limited by the laws of physics and good taste. I can’t do the impossible. But, I can set a vehicle up for a variety of operational needs:

  • On-Road Interstate Travel
  • Off-Road Operation
  • Camping/Weekender/Family
  • Toyhauler/Outdoor Sports/Competition
  • Full Time RV Lifers
  • Business/Commercial/Fleet/Service
  • Emergency Sercives/Rescue/Evacuation
  • Tactical for Personal Protection (VIP) Level IIIA+ Ballistic Armor

Design, Research, & Development

For the last 15 years I’ve been living out of my self-built campers and work trucks full-time… 24hours/day, 365 days/year. From the most remote and inhospitable regions in North America, to the innermost alleys of our Nation’s largest metropolitan centers. Places where mechanical failure could mean a missed opportunity, serious discomfort, or even death. Real-world experience taught me what works, and what doesn’t.

Experience is invaluable. Experience is something that a lot of my competitors are completely missing from their resume. These guys work inside all day, and they sleep in their house at night. They simply haven’t put in enough miles and hours behind the wheel. For the last 15 years, I’ve been driving and wrenching on trucks all day, and I’ve been sleeping in one every night. I trust my life to the simplicity, reliability, comfort, and safety of the campers I build. You can too.

Quality Control

I personally give every vehicle I invest in a complete mechanical inspection/correction where needed. I check fluids, engine, drivetrain, suspension, electrical, wheels, tires, bolts, and fasteners for correct operation and correct torque. I source the cleanest new/used vehicles I can. I do not work with salvage titles (uninsurable) or repair heavily damaged vehicles. During the conversion process, I’m careful not to alter anything that would void a manufacturer’s warranty.

“I purchase, design, build, sell, and deliver everything myself. I stay with the build process from purchase to delivery. I don’t use sub-contractors, and I don’t have any employees or the carelessness they bring to the table. How does this benefit you as a buyer? Because I can deliver the highest level of quality control and attention to detail that only a focused 1-man design/build operation can deliver. My vehicles are hand-tuned to keep operating when everything else fails

”Excellent working condition”

  • All vehicles will be delivered @ (100%) operational and functional condition.
  • New vehicles will be delivered @ (97%+) cosmetic condition; with reasonable allowance for normal construction/use/operation. Minor surface wear from normal use.
  • Used trucks will be delivered @ (90%+) cosmetic condition… with no major accidents or damage. Signs of use will be apparent but minimal… minor scratches, nicks, dings, dents, and ripples; associated with normal use… should be expected.