Michaela Grace Thomas

Michaela is the only model I’ve ever paid to shoot with me.

I called Michaela in the spring of 2018 because I needed a model for my new T-shirts. A crisp $100 bill, lunch, and 4 hours later… this is what we had. And I’ve never been happy with it. But it was all I had, so I had go with it. They were a nice young couple. They even invited me over to their place after the shoot for some chill out time with their friends.

I wanted to shoot Michaela nude, but her husband was there and I don’t think he was on board with it. I didn’t push it. I wanted her nude in the woods wearing only my T-shirt. It would’ve been awesome. But we half-assed it. Literally. Lesson learned. Never again will I let my art be compromised by psychological boundaries. Go big or go home.