Grace Stoner

Alexandra Grace Stoner was my first van muse. A 5-foot tall, 100lb, 19-year old blonde that walked through my headlights in 2017… she was the first girl I photographed, in the first Mercedes van I built under the (endoftheearthvans) umbrella. These photos are as real as it gets. Real candids of us living on the road full-time. In some of these, she was pregnant with my child.

My relationship and pregnancy with Grace ended as fast as it started. Dragged down and ripped apart amidst a smear campaign, a whirlwind of false allegations, and an over-reaching Missoula County government investigation. I wrote about the details of our fiery romance in my book. I loved Grace a lot, and I offered her the world, but ultimately, this wasn’t the life for her. It’s disappointing, because she got some bad advice from some low life people… I know she was too young to appreciate the opportunity I put in front of her.

Grace was with me in San Francisco when Emancipator called and bought the truck we were living in. My best friends had just bought us all tickets to see Kevin Nealon perform downtown. We rolled North up the 5 in the middle of the night to deliver Emancipator’s van to his home in Portland. We woke up the morning after – completely exhausted from vehicle cleanout/prep in 105* heat – with a briefcase full of money, in the penthouse suite of a high-rise hotel in downtown Portland. But for this 19 year old, the world wasn’t enough.