Notable Mentions (page under construction)

My business plan was reviewed by Dave Harriton; Founder and Owner of American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). Dave is an old acquaintance from 2004 in Missoula, MT… when I brought him a Jeep to do some suspension work on. Dave took a few hours out of his weekend to sit with me at a coffee shop and critique my plan when I started up in 2016.

I randomly sold the first Sprinter I built to a super cool Portland area record label/music producer;

Simon Rex DM’d me and then called my phone one day when I was working in my shop. I remember running an excited lap around the yard and maybe crying a little bit. I think it freaked him out when he realized I was an actual fan. One of those conversations where you’re so star-struck, you can’t really speak. Somebody I watched interview Tupac on MTV; Someone I filmed on stage in San Diego with Riff Raff and Andy Milonakis; and then he turns into an amazing Actor in his newest film ”Red Rocket” w/Suzanna Son. What a cool ass dude!

Joe Hauler ( became a good friend and business connection at some point in this journey. He is someone I’ve always looked up to and respected for his skill and work ethic. He’s a beast in the shop, and on the racecourse. Proud to know him.

Billy Lane (Choppers Inc.) will always be an inspiration for anything I build with my hands. I absolutely love this guy’s work. Here are some photos I took outside his shop back around 2006 I believe(?) I was stoked when he dropped by my Instagram account for a nod. What a legend.

2005 – Cary Boats; Miami Boat Show. I designed, purchased, built, and installed a $4500.00 custom stereo system by myself, on a 48-hour deadline for the Miami Boat Show. This system was installed working 24 hours around the clock on a 50’ Cary Fast Boat. This company had a boat featured in the movie “Miami Vice.”

(2005) In 2005 at the age of 24 I took off on a motorcycle ride around the Country. I was riding a sport-bike that was not really designed for touring, a 2005 Suzuki SV650S. This 3-month solo trip took me around every border state in the lower 48.

I slept in between 2 strippers in New York, who had just gotten off work, and they thought it was cool that I was riding across the Country alone, so they offered me a place to crash. I met a beautiful girl in Florida, after we chased each other down 95S at 100+mph. I slept on the beaches down in the Keys for 2 weeks. I outran a State Trooper that tried to pull me over on the way out of Florida, wide open in 6th gear on the 75N. Rolled through New Orleans just weeks ahead of Katrina, riding wheelies across every bridge I crossed with a Hurricane chasing me. Got a friendly escort from Vegas to LA with 2 local club riders in the middle of the night. Rode up the PCH1 from LA to Santa Cruz with a local club run of some pretty fast street/track racers. I ended up burning through 2 rear tires on this trip. One of those epic, life-defining motorcycle trips, where everything aligns.