Quality Control

Quality Control

I personally give every vehicle I invest in a complete mechanical inspection/correction where needed. I check fluids, engine, drivetrain, suspension, electrical, wheels, tires, bolts, and fasteners for correct operation and correct torque. I source the cleanest new/used vehicles I can. I do not work with salvage titles (uninsurable) or repair heavily damaged vehicles. During the conversion process, I’m careful not to alter anything that would void a manufacturer’s warranty.

“I purchase, design, build, sell, and deliver everything myself. I stay with the build process from purchase to delivery. I don’t use sub-contractors, and I don’t have any employees or the carelessness they bring to the table. How does this benefit you as a buyer? Because I can deliver the highest level of quality control and attention to detail that only a focused 1-man design/build operation can deliver. My vehicles are hand-tuned to keep operating when everything else fails

Excellent Working Condition

-All vehicles will be delivered @ (100%) operational and functional condition.

-New vehicles will be delivered @ (97%+) cosmetic condition; with reasonable allowance for normal construction/use/operation. Minor surface wear from normal use.

-Used trucks will be delivered @ (90%+) cosmetic condition… with no major accidents or damage. Signs of use will be apparent but minimal… minor scratches, nicks, dings, dents, and ripples; associated with normal use… should be expected.