How do we handle delivery?

I’ll do it free personal delivery is an important part of this transaction for me. You’ve waited patiently for months while your vehicle was being built. It should give you peace of mind, that I will personally stay with your vehicle until I hand you the keys. You communicate directly with me, and only me, from start to finish.

You can do it… for the adventurous. Vehicles can be prepped for pickup at (1) service location:

  1. Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

A third option… would be to hire a vehicle transportation service a.k.a. “car hauler”. I would reserve this as a last resort. This introduces an uncontrolled 3rd party driver, 4th party insurance, 5th party dispatch… I don’t have time for it. Middlemen cause gaps in communication that I don’t tolerate in my life. This is a high-cost option, with a high probability of vehicle damage, service failures, and communication problems.

(2015) –  “A previous van I sold was loaded onto a 3rd party trailer that was ordered by the buyer. I warned against the idea. Scheduling and travel delays eventually caused a stressful, anxious buying experience for my customer. There wasn’t anything I could do to make the situation better at that point.”