❌ SOLD – 2016 Yamaha TW200 – Blue/White


  • Made in USA – Curt hitch (Wisconsin, USA)
  • Made in USA – Steel 1-piece solid welded motorcycle carrier (California, USA)
  • Made in USA – Steel Front and Rear racks (Idaho, USA)
  • Made in USA – Gold anodized skid plate (Utah, USA)
  • Made in USA – Rotopax 1.75G Diesel/Gasoline/Water with custom mount (Utah, USA)
  • Acerbis hand guards
  • License plate nip and tuck


  • Odometer: 1,300 miles
  • Load Capacity: 2 people + carry on luggage
  • Fuel Delivery: Carburetion
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 G
  • Miles per Gallon: ~80
  • Range to Empty: 280 miles
  • Hitch Rated: 600lbs
  • Frame Rated: 500lbs
  • Hauler Rated: 400lbs
  • Wet Weight: 300lbs

In 1987, Japanese rider Shinji Kazama rode a TW200 based motorcycle to the North Pole.

This bike can take some shit and keep on ticking. Excellent for soft and rugged terrain. Inexpensive, easy to maintain, and easy to operate… this 30 year old proven design will take you to the far ends of the earth… if you’re up to it.

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