In the summer of 2018, I met Caitlin in a hot springs pool in the mountains of Montana/Idaho. She wouldn’t stop asking me questions. She was 19 years old. Stunningly beautiful. She slept with me the first night we met. I was building 2 trucks in the shop, with a 3rd on the way. I was busy, exhausted.

Her (crazy) Mother eventually abandoned her at a wilderness campground. I felt bad for her, so I took her under my wing, and tried to help her out of the situation she was in. At one point her Mom (who is now in a state hospital) came into a crowded wilderness lodge and pointed a gun at me for dating her daughter. I’m surprised at how calm I remained, and equally surprised that she wasn’t shot herself, either by me, or by any number of patrons/armed friends I had behind the bar. She had been spurred on by some jealous locals, and fed mis-information about me through a newspaper article published in the Missoulian by Dillon Kato. Both Caitlin and I reported this incident to Idaho/Montana Police, but amidst the smear campaign I was already fighting in Missoula, Montana… the lawlessness of this situation was intentionally ignored by Missoula Police; They had already decided that my penis was public enemy #1.

Caitlin and I spent our summer days working in my shop; our nights soaking in mountain hot springs and eating expensive dinners at remote mountain lodges. Poor Caitlin, she’s been dealt more than her share of bad hands in life. I wish the best for her.