Siren Williams

Is this ever a funny story… Siren Williams is a redheaded surfer/beachy model with a wide range of artistic interests. She is a model from Florida that I followed on Instagram. I saw she was on the West Coast touring and shooting photos. This was in 2017. I had just finished building my 2nd Sprinter, and I was looking for some marketing attention to get it sold. I’m not sure when I first messaged her to shoot with me, but she blew me off… she never responded.

Then I am randomly in the water surfing a small morning (2-3 feet) at Malibu, on a random board I had just been gifted, and I look over my shoulder… and here comes this hot redhead paddling out from the beach. Siren Williams. Fate. We surfed for an hour or two that morning. So I strike up a conversation with her and convince her to shoot a few quick photos with me as we’re getting out of the water. And that’s how that happened. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Missoula County had a Felony Warrant out for my arrest.